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That was Awkward: SwedenxReader
"Do I have to do this?" you whined.
"Of course! You lost the bet, and now this is what I want you to do!" your friend Matthias yelled.
You groaned. You were so sure that you would have been able to beat out the Dane in academics, but he somehow got past you.
You squared your shoulders and marched up to the imposing Swedish boy.
"Hey Berwald?" you asked.
The tall blonde turned and eyed you questioningly.
Swallowing down your fear, you glanced over at Matthias, you encouraged you to go on with a video camera in his hand.
"Will you go on a date with me?!" you blurted out, feeling a blush creep up.
For heaven's sake, you didn't even have feelings for this guy! You mapped out a way to torture Matthias.
"I'm gay," he said bluntly. "Thank you anyway."
With that, he walked away.
Bemused, you stood there, trying to figure out what just happened, as Matthias approached you.
"Well," he said, shutting off his video camera, "That was awkward."
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Flipbook: CanadaxReader
You sighed in relief when the school bell rang, signaling the beginning of your winter break. Bidding good-byes and holiday wishes to your classmates, you sprang out of the classroom and rushed towards your locker to gather all of your things.
Normally you wouldn't hurry this much, even on the last day of school, but today was a bit special. Your friend Matthew had asked you to go on a walk with him afterschool a few days ago, and you gladly accepted. You were feeling a bit hopeful- being a shy person, he wasn't the guy to ask just anybody on a date.
While you were catching your breath at your locker, a certain Canadian boy came up to you and waited quietly by your locker.
"Hey Matthew!" you greeted cheerily. "Ready to go?" you asked, slamming your locker shut.
He jumped slightly at the loud noise, but smiled and nodded. "Of course. You can drop off your stuff at my house if you want. It's just down the block from here."
You grinned and accepted. It would suck to have to walk laden dow
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Magician!EnglandxReader: Created Feelings 3
You groaned and rolled about in your bed, feeling exhausted. Your dream had continued throughout the night, only it was more… well, dream-like.
There was a merry-go-round filled with unicorns, dragons, fairies, and that weird green bunny you had seen, and Arthur was dancing and twirling through the figurines in a hooded cloak. Then when he had reached you, he put a pair of cat ears on you, then put a leash on you and took you on a walk through a flower field.
When you opened your eyes, the only thought running through your mind was 'What the heck just happened?'
You sat up, rubbing your eyes and trying to fix your mussed up hair the best you could. As you sat there, trying to figure out if your dream meant anything, a soft knock came from your door.
"(Name)? Can I come in?" Arthur's voice floated through.
"Sure, why not?" you replied, getting up and opening the door for him.
"Good morning Arthur!" you chirped at him, smiling.
The Brit gave you a hint of a confused look, replying, "Good
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Magician!EnglandxReader: Created Feelings 2
When you awoke, it was in a cold sweat. You had no idea why, but you were feeling pretty panicky. You rarely had nightmares, so this weirded you out a bit. Part of you wanted to creep across the hall and seek out Arthur's comfort, but you resisted.
Checking your phone, you discovered that it was close to four in the morning. Groaning, you threw the covers back over your head, and tried to calm yourself down so that you could go back to sleep.
After you had succeeded in leaving behind the nervous feeling that was nagging at your brain, you heard quiet footsteps going down the hall. Soon enough, they stopped, and were followed by a loud squeak from a door. It struck you as odd- Arthur didn't seem like the type to leave anything in his house in such a bad condition.
Once the squeaking had stopped, there was silence for a split second before a thundering boom of the closing door echoed through the house. At that, you bolted straight out of your covers.
As far as you knew, Arthur didn't hav
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Magician!EnglandxReader: Created Feelings
"Thank you everyone! And have a wonderful evening!" shouted Arthur Kirkland, magician extraordinaire.
You smiled and gave a little bow next to him, as his assistant.
When the curtains fell, you gave a sigh of relief. It had been uncomfortably hot under the glaring stage lights, just like every other night.
"Feeling hot?" Arthur asked, pulling out a handkerchief from his sleeve and handing it over to you.
"Yes, very, thank you," you replied, accepting it and wiping your forehead and neck off.
The two of you made your way backstage to the prep room that the two of you were forced to share. It was quite awkward in the beginning, but a routine was soon figured out. You would change first while he waiting outside, then he would change while you took off your makeup. To make things easier, Arthur had even bought a screen to cover up.
You rushed into the room, quickly stripping and changing into a pair of jeans and a comfortable blouse, before calling Arthur in.
As he stepped behind the chang
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RomanoxReader: Underworld 15
You flopped onto the couch and sighed. You've had a long day- you had been working about in the kitchen, making some dinner for Lovino and his men since they were out working. They always said you didn't have to, but you wanted to, as a bit of a thank you.
As you rested, you reflected on what your life had been like ever since you met the Mafia men. It was always interesting, to say the least, even after the conflict with Honda was settled.
If anything, the relation between the Yakuza and the Mafia had gotten a little more cordial- although, since you and Mei had become close friends while she was held hostage, that was only to be expected. The two of you still kept in contact, writing letters and emails to each other about just about anything. Even though you liked Lovi and his crew, it was nice to have a girl to talk to.
As you thought about having some female company, you grinned as you remembered the wish you requested from Lovi. After all, he did come back in one piece. You asked
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RomanoxReader: Underworld 14
A short while later, you neatly parked a short distance away from Lovino's jet. You were grinning broadly, and the mob boss was looking over at you with an amused expression on his face.
"You are full of surprises, aren't you?" he chuckled, ruffling your already-messy-from-the-wind hair.
You jerked his hand off with a toss of your head and fixed your hair quickly.
"You know it!" you said with a wink.
Then your face fell a bit when you remembered what you guys were faced with. You sighed and slumped back into the seat.
"You know he's fine, right? Besides, he looks a lot different than he did when Honda took him last time. They won't know what the hell is happening," Lovino murmured, trying to console you.
You shook your head slightly and snapped out of it, sitting straight up.
"Yup! I'm sure he's fine… I'm just kind of nervous is all…"
The Italian nodded and got out of the car, quickly making his way towards your door and yanking it open for you. He gave you a small smile and
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RomanoxReader: Underworld Table of Contents
The table of contents is in the description.
It wouldn't go into link format up here.
So much thanks to everybody who stuck with the series!!
Hugs and kisses to you all~
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RomanoxReader: Underworld 13
"Ragazza, wake up. We're at the airport."
You groaned and rolled over, then promptly fell off of a seat. That definitely woke you up.
You looked around to see Lovino and his men surrounding you, trying not to laugh.
"Oh shut up," you grumbled. "So which airport?"
"The one in Italy. You slept for a long while, you know?" Antonio told you.
You groaned some more. Normally, you didn't sleep this much. Then again, the past few days have been absolutely abnormal.
"I wonder how nonno's doing…" Feliciano mused.
That brightened you up. You still had to tell them that their grandpa remembered everything now.
"Oh, speaking of Arsenius…" you started, before Lovino cut in.
"What happened. Did they hurt him?"
You laughed. "Nope, he's in pretty good shape. Well, I guess I'll let you see at home," you said teasingly.
The mafia boss deadpanned at you.
"Ragazza, you really don't want to do that."
"Oh yes, I really do!" you smiled back.
"That's it," he said growling. "Feliciano- you're driving.
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RomanoxReader: 7 Sins
You yawned. Alfred's party was not going as fun as the last time.
'But then again…' you mused, 'last time, there was-'
"Hey ragazza. What are you doing here?"
You smirked. Looked like this party was going to be just fine.
You turned and smiled at the Italian behind you.
"Hey Lovino. I was just waiting around for someone to talk to is all," you said in an innocent tone.
"Well I'm someone, si?" he said coyly, leaning against the wall.
You raised an eyebrow. He would have to work so much harder than that to get to you. Much harder than the last party, anyway.
"Mm. Kinda. Is your brother here?" you asked, knowing that would tick him off.
It worked. He frowned and pointed across the room where Feliciano was chatting with Antonio and Gilbert. Perfect! All three of them annoyed him- this would be fun.
"Great! I'll see you in a bit then!" you chirped, leaving him with a frustrated expression on his face.
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JapanxReader: Sure, Why Not?
"Okay, this time, imagine it's for real!" you told yourself.
Closing your eyes, you envisioned having three judges watching you, along with several other people. You opened your eyes, took a deep breath, positioned your fingers over the piano keys and started playing.
Everything went well for the first minute or so. Then you started hitting one wrong note after another. You tensed as you played, and that only made you grow more tired.
Abruptly, you stopped. You slid your hands off of the piano and plonked your head on the keys, creating a dissonant sound. You groaned.
Your competition was in two days, and to your frustration, the piece was not going the way you wanted it to. Because of it, you had been staying in the practice rooms until late at night. In fact, it had just passed midnight.
You picked yourself back up, sighing a bit. 'I need a break…' you thought tiredly.
"Maybe an easy song?" you mused.
After rifling through various pieces in your head, you settled on a calming on
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Jennifer S. Becker
Jennifer Sayuri Becker:
• Age: 21
• Height: 5` 6``
• Eye color: Light brown
• Hair color: Black
• Hair length: Little past shoulder blades
• Ethnicity: mixed- 1/4 Asian 3/4 European
• Clothing+style: Likes to keep it simple- t-shirt and jeans. Keeps her hair up in a ponytail or half-and-half. Very little make-up, if ever. Will wear anything comfortable, brand name or no.
• Origins: Los Angeles
• Birthday: February 27
• Sexuality: Straight
• Religion: None
• Occupation: Graphic designer
• Build: thin, but stronger than she looks
• Weight: 130 pounds-ish
• Likes: Cute fluffy things; Disney movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, lots of classics like Casablanca or Some Like It Hot(gets it from her brother); sweets; men- likes the fun, smart type; music- goes for pop, classical, and a little rock; sports- soccer and volleyball, but enjoys all others; baking (but hates cooking); computers- gaming, surfing, whatever
:icongreenmusiclovingfrug:greenmusiclovingfrug 0 0
Antonio M. Becker
Antonio Maruki Becker:
• Age: 24
• Height: 5` 11``
• Eye color: Dark brown
• Hair color: Black
• Hair length: short
• Ethnicity: mixed- 1/4 Asian 3/4 European
• Clothing+style: Usually a button down shirt, unbuttoned, with a white/black wife beater underneath, with dark jeans. Dislikes brand clothing- prefers not to be a walking advertisement.
• Origins: Los Angeles, California
• D.O.B.: July 2
• Sexuality: Straight
• Religion: None
• Occupation: Film editor
• Build: Lean, and strong as hell. Mostly because of his military service.
• Weight: 160 pounds-ish
• Likes: Music- mostly rock, really likes British music, but also enjoys classical; women- goes for the intellectual ones; sports- all sports, but likes volleyball and swimming the best; solitary walks; books- mostly mysteries, like Sherlock Holmes type things; cooking- Italian is favorite; all animals- but especially big ones; movies in general- as long as th
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RomanoxReader: Underworld 12
You started squirming more when you heard voices coming from across the… wherever you were. You stopped when you were suddenly set down on your feet roughly. 'Ow… kind of unnecessary…'
You listened hard, but couldn't make out anything- you could only hear the sounds floating across the gap. You jumped suddenly when you heard Honda mutter something.
"Wang. Do you have the bluff gun to use on Miss (Name)?"
"Of course aru," you heard the Chinese man reply.
"And Braginski, make sure she is nice and visible," Honda ordered.
"Da!" Ivan piped up cheerily.
You groaned. You could practically hear the Yakuza boss smirking at you. Well, you knew their plan. Act like they were going to kill you, make Lovino beg for whatever, then steal both you along with whatever Lovino had to offer. 'Well that's comforting," you thought sarcastically.
"Brother, tell me again. Who are the men with Vargas, and what do they specialize in?" you heard Honda ask.
"Hmmmm. Antonio Carriedo- close combat,
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PrussiaxReader: Rain
You stepped out of the café, with an umbrella in hand, frowning at the sky. You had just wrapped up your weekly meeting with your friend Arthur Kirkland. This week he had needed advice with his love life. You were able to manage a smile at the thought. Sometimes, you felt a lot like his therapist, but you didn't mind. You hoped he would take your advice to be forward about his liking for Amelia. They really were made for each other.
While the meeting was lovely, as always, the only thing that put a damper on this was the weather. It was raining. And the rain just sucked.
You quickly paced down the streets, sheltered by your umbrella, using the fastest way home. But about halfway there, the main road had a large roadblock, not even letting pedestrians by. Road damage due to rain. You groaned. Now you would have to retrace your steps and make your way through the park, which would make your trip home take at least twice the time it would have otherwise. Stupid rain.
Sighing in resig
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RomanoxReader: Underworld 11
Your eyes snapped open, and were met with darkness. Your head throbbed, and you groaned. 'What the hell happened? Where am I?' you wondered.
You sat up and rubbed your head, letting your eyes adjust. Once you let yourself get used to your situation, you found that you were alone in a room. The reason it was so dark was because it was nighttime. You glanced around the room, taking in its features. It was simply furnished, with the furniture in a light blue and the walls a plain cream color. It looked a lot like a hotel.
You shakily got to your feet, and spotting a window, made your way over to the drawn curtains before drawing them back. Your jaw dropped once you saw the scenery outside.
There was a huge hustle bustle going on in the streets below, with people darting in and out of buildings, and chattering all over the place. You had no idea what they were saying- the language was completely foreign to you. Beyond the stone-lined buildings, just beyond the major part of the town, you s
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Hello there ^^
United States
Hi there! I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say about myself..
You can always ask :)

Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: k-pop, classic
Favourite style of art: writing/photography
Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes and Garfield.
Is what I committed.

In other words, I created a tumblr.

There's my link.

Do whatever you like with it :)

  • Listening to: All I want for Christmas is YOOUUUUUU
  • Reading: Pet Project
  • Eating: Peanut butter
  • Drinking: Milk



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